Systeme.IO Manual Order Form Set Up

Systeme.IO is an all-in-one online business platform that allows entrepreneurs to create sales funnels, host webinars, send emails, create online courses, and more from one integrated system. A key component is the ability to easily build order forms to sell products or services.

Order forms, also known as checkout pages or payment pages, are critical for converting website visitors into paying customers. With Systeme.IO, you can quickly set up beautiful, optimized order forms without any coding.

Some key benefits of using Systeme.IO order forms include:

  • Easy drag and drop editor to customize design
  • Mobile responsive templates
  • Integrated payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal
  • Automated post-purchase actions like granting course access
  • Built-in upsell and downsell functionality

In this guide, we’ll walk through the manual process of creating and customizing order forms in Systeme.IO.

Step 1: Create a New Funnel

The first step is to create a new sales funnel in Systeme.IO. Funnels visually map out the customer journey from awareness to purchase.

To create a funnel:

  1. Login to your Systeme.IO account
  2. Click on “Funnels” in the main menu
  3. Click on “Create Funnel”
  4. Give your funnel a name and description
  5. Select “Sales” as the funnel type
  6. Click on “Create Funnel”

You can now start adding pages to your funnel.

Step 2: Add an Order Form Page

Within your new sales funnel, you can now add an order form page. This is the actual checkout page customers will use to complete purchases.

Here are the steps to add an order form:

  1. In your funnel, click on “Add Step”
  2. Select “Order Form” as the step type
  3. Choose one of Systeme.IO’s pre-made order form templates
  4. Click on “Select” to add the template to your funnel

You can now start customizing the order form’s design and settings.

Step 3: Configure Order Form Settings

In the order form editor, you can configure key settings like:

  • Offer type: Digital or physical product
  • Payment gateway connections
  • Product pricing and variants
  • Post-purchase resource access settings
  • Buyer information collection

Choose Digital vs Physical Product

First, scroll down and choose whether you are selling a digital product like an online course or ebook, or a physical/shipped product. This will customize some of the subsequent settings.

Set Up Pricing Plans

Next, you can create one or more pricing plans for your offer. Configure details like:

  • Plan name (e.g. Basic, Pro)
  • Billing details (one-time or recurring)
  • Pricing (fixed or dynamic/pay what you want)
  • Trial period if applicable

Be sure to configure tax rates and shipping rates if selling physical products. You can also set up coupon codes.

Connect Payment Gateways

Another key step is connecting a payment gateway like Stripe or PayPal to actually accept payments. Systeme.IO has direct integrations with 10+ major gateways.

You can choose to accept credit cards directly on-site or redirect customers to an off-site checkout flow via the gateway.

Grant Access to Products After Purchase

A great feature in Systeme.IO is automatically granting customers access to digital products right after purchase.

For online courses, you can configure course access. For memberships, you can enroll buyers into groups. And you can assign tags for gating content.

This automation ensures a smooth, instant delivery.

Collect Buyer Information

Finally, you can customize form fields to collect information about the buyer like name, email, address etc. This gets stored in your Systeme.IO contacts database.

Configure which fields are required vs optional as needed.

Step 4: Customize the Page Design

While Systeme.IO has beautifully designed order form templates, you still may want to customize the look and feel.

On the order form editor page, click on “Edit Page” to access the drag and drop design builder.

Some key design customization options:

  • Add/delete form fields
  • Change page layout by adding/removing/reordering elements
  • Modify text fonts, sizes, colors
  • Customize button styles
  • Insert images, shapes, icons
  • Apply animations/transitions

Be sure to preview on mobile to ensure responsiveness.

Step 5: Test and Publish Order Form

Before making your order form live, it’s important to test it out.

On the order form editor, click on “Test” to access the testing toolkit.

Some ways you can test:

  • Submit test transactions across varying scenarios
  • Check email confirmations and automated actions
  • Validate payment gateway integration
  • Confirm mobile responsiveness
  • Check loading speeds

After testing, click on “Publish” to make your order form live on your chosen URL!

Tips for Highly Converting Order Forms

Here are some tips to ensure your Systeme.IO order forms convert as many visitors as possible into paying customers:

Optimize page copy

  • Highlight core benefits
  • Communicate value clearly
  • Address common questions and objections

Make checkout easy

  • Reduce fields to only necessary info
  • Auto-fill info where possible
  • Offer guest checkout

Improve trust and credibility

  • Display security badges
  • Show testimonials
  • Enable trust logos (BBB, Norton, etc.)

Offer multiple payment options

  • Accept credit cards, Paypal, Apple Pay, etc.
  • Offer payment plans if selling high-ticket offers

Use scarcity and urgency

  • Display limited quantity, almost sold out flags
  • Offer time-sensitive discounts or free gifts

Make mobile experience seamless

  • Simplify pages for small screens
  • Validate responsiveness
  • Auto-scale images

Apply conversions optimization best practices

  • Include risk-reversal guarantees
  • Place call to actions strategically
  • Use contrasting colors for buttons

By following this guide and implementing these tips, you can create high-converting order forms with Systeme.IO to sell your products or services online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I offer both one-time and recurring pricing options?

Yes, Systeme.IO order forms support configuring both one-time and recurring billing cycles within the same form. You can define which plans have what billing models.

How do I create upsell or downsell offers?

Simply create additional order form funnel steps after the main checkout page. Name them appropriately like “Upsell Offer” and customize the product, pricing etc.

What payment gateways does Systeme.IO integrate with?

Systeme.IO connects directly with Stripe, PayPal, Razorpay, Paystack, PayU, and 5+ other top payment gateways. You can accept payments online with no coding.

Can I capture customer information from the order form?

Yes, you can customize form fields to collect any data you need like name, email, address, etc. This gets stored in your Systeme.IO contacts database for future email and automation.

How do I know if my order form is optimized?

Use Systeme.IO’s built-in A/B testing toolkit to test variations of your order form and quantify which version performs better based on conversions.

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