How To Sell Courses On Coursera

How To Sell Courses On Coursera

Coursera is one of the largest online learning platforms, offering thousands of courses from top universities and organizations worldwide. If you have expertise to share, you may be interested in creating and selling your course on Coursera. Here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Become a Coursera Partner

Coursera only allows approved partners to publish courses on its platform. You’ll need to apply and be accepted as a Coursera partner first.

Partners include top universities as well as companies and organizations. You can apply as an individual instructor if you are not affiliated with an existing partner. However, the requirements are stringent, and Coursera selectively accepts individual instructors.

2. Create Your Course

Once approved as a partner, you can start developing your course. Coursera has specific requirements for course content, including:

  • At least 25 pages of written lectures or 10,000 words
  • Highly encouraged to include video content
  • Assessments like quizzes, assignments, peer reviews
  • Interactive elements like discussions, polls, etc.

You retain full ownership of the course content you create. Coursera provides an online course builder and hosting platform.

3. Get Your Course Approved

Before your course can be published, Coursera will review it to ensure it meets their standards for quality. You’ll need to go through an instructor onboarding process as well.

4. Publish and Promote Your Course

Once approved, your course will be published on the Coursera platform. You can promote your course through Coursera’s marketing channels and your own networks. Leverage social media, your website, email lists, and more.

5. Earn Revenue

There are several ways to monetize your course on Coursera:

  • Charge for course enrollment
  • Offer course for free but charge for certification
  • Coursera Plus subscriptions – earn royalties when your course is part of the subscription
  • Coursera affiliate program – earn commissions for referrals

Coursera pays instructors 40% of the course price for any paid enrollments. You can also opt for a free course and only charge for certification.

Selling courses on Coursera provides a major opportunity to share your knowledge with learners worldwide. You can build a lucrative income stream by following Coursera’s process and actively promoting your course.

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