Agility Writer Review – The Best AI Writing Tool in 2023

Agility Writer Review 2023

Agility Writer is a powerful AI writing tool that utilizes advanced AI technology to help content creators quickly generate high-quality, SEO-optimized articles and other content. This in-depth Agility Writer review examines its standout features, compares it to competitors, and sees if it lives up to its promise as one of the best AI content generators available.

Overview of Agility Writer’s AI Capabilities

Agility Writer is an AI writer designed for bloggers, online businesses, and content creators. It leverages the power of GPT-3 and GPT-4 AI to analyze your input and research data, then generate complete written drafts tailored to your needs.

Some key features of Agility Writer include:

  • One-click article generation – Get AI-written drafts instantly just by entering a title or topic
  • Outline builder – Creates optimized outlines based on top-ranking search results
  • Advanced mode – Full control over tone, length, headings, keywords, and more
  • Bulk content creation – Generate up to 50 articles/outlines simultaneously
  • Originality checking – Ensure content is 100% unique and original

Agility Writer aims to provide content creators with an AI writing tool to improve workflow efficiency and output high-quality articles drastically, blog posts, product descriptions, and more. Let’s see how it performs.

Key Takeaways

  • Use the outline builder to create an optimized structure based on top search results.
  • Enable factual data in Advanced Mode to make content more informative
  • Strategically add relevant semantically related keywords for natural SEO optimization.
  • Leverage Advanced Mode for total tone customization, length, formatting, etc.
  • Analyze uniqueness with to ensure no plagiarism or duplication.
  • Take advantage of bulk mode to auto-generate limitless draft articles quickly.
  • Always refine and edit AI-written drafts before finalizing and publishing
  • Follow the step-by-step process to create exceptional articles tailored for your brand
  • Agility Writer transforms content creation by automating the heavy-lifting
  • Produce engaging, high-quality articles that attract and convert readers
  • Optimize content for both search visibility and reader experience

Hands-On Review of Using Agility Writer

To test Agility Writer’s capabilities thoroughly, I conducted an extensive hands-on review exploring all its major features:

One-Click Article Generation

One click article generator

This is the show’s star – enter a title, and Agility Writer AI instantly generates a complete draft article on that topic within seconds. The auto-generated posts needed some refinement before publishing but provided an incredible head start overwriting manually.

Outline Builder

Outline Builder

The outline builder instantly creates optimized frameworks for articles by analyzing top search results and keywords. This ensures your content matches the searcher’s intent and is structured for maximum SEO impact.

Advanced Mode Customization

Advanced Mode

The advanced mode allows deep customization of tone, length, headings, keywords, formatting, media, and more for full control. I could dial in articles tailored exactly how I wanted.

Bulk Content Creation

Bulk Content Mode

To test the scale, I used the bulk mode to auto-generate 50 draft blog posts simultaneously based on title prompts. With some editing, this enabled fast, large-scale content production.

Originality Checking

The built-in plagiarism checker confirmed all my test articles scored over 90% uniqueness. This gave me confidence my content was fully original before publishing.

Overall, Agility Writer enables the creation of high-quality, optimized articles far faster than writing manually. Its advanced AI capabilities are very impressive.

Comparing Agility Writer to Other Top AI Writing Tools

How does Agility Writer stack up against competitors like Jasper, Here’s a quick comparison:

  • Content Quality – On par with the best, with great grammar, structure, and engagement
  • SEO Optimization – Very high, with excellent optimization right out of the box
  • Customization – Advanced mode offers more control than many competitors
  • Ease of Use – Simple, intuitive interface and workflows
  • Originality – Excellent uniqueness scores, beating other AI writers
  • Value – Very affordable entry pricing compared to alternatives

Agility Writer stands out as a top choice among the best AI content writers available now for both quality and affordability.

Key Features and Benefits of Agility Writer

Agility Writer packs a robust toolkit catered to the needs of content marketers, bloggers, and online businesses. Here are some standout capabilities:

One-Click Article Generation

The one-click content generator enables rapid drafting of complete articles just by entering a title or topic prompt. Within seconds, Agility Writer’s AI will research the topic and produce an entire post ready for refinement and publishing. This automates the most labor-intensive parts of writing.

Outline Builder for SEO

Leverage the power of the outline builder to create content frameworks optimized for rankings and searcher intent effortlessly. Agility Writer formulates outlines engineered to help your content rank by analyzing top-performing search results and keywords.

Advanced Mode Customization

For full creative control, the advanced mode allows deep customization of tone, perspective, length, media, keywords, formatting, and more. Tweak every aspect of the AI-generated articles according to your needs before finalizing and exporting polished content ready for your audience.

Scalability With Bulk Mode

For content creators focused on high volumes, bulk mode enables automated production of up to 50 articles simultaneously. Generate vast quantities of draft posts on an array of topics or keywords in one click for efficient large-scale content creation.

Plagiarism Checking

The built-in originality checker scans the content to identify duplicate or AI-generated text before publishing. This allows creating 100% unique articles and blog posts that avoid plagiarism risks.

Affordable Pricing

Agility Writer’s pricing starts at just $28 monthly, providing exceptional value. For most individual bloggers, this basic plan offers more than enough credits and features at a budget-friendly rate compared to hiring writers.

Collaboration Features

Built-in team management tools allow collaboration with others on writing projects. Manage permissions, share workflows, and assign tasks to create a streamlined content production experience.

With this set of robust features tailored for today’s content creators, Agility Writer aims to provide an all-in-one AI solution to produce high-quality written content at scale.

Agility Writer’s AI Detection Feature

One of the most impressive features that sets Agility Writer apart from other AI writing tools is its advanced AI detection capabilities. Agility Writer integrates innovative technology to analyze the content it generates and ensure it passes plagiarism checks and appears as human-written as possible.

Specifically, Agility Writer uses a multi-step AI detection process on all content produced through its platform. First, it leverages state-of-the-art language models like GPT-3 and GPT-4 to generate well-written draft articles with excellent readability, grammar, and coherence. This creates a strong foundation for quality and originality.

Next, the draft articles are run through Agility Writer’s proprietary AI content analyzer. This leading-edge tool evaluates sentence structure, word patterns, originality of ideas, logic flow, and other linguistic markers to detect any signs of duplicated or AI-generated text. It provides detailed reports highlighting areas of the article that need refinement to avoid detection.

Users can then easily edit and reformulate any sentences or paragraphs flagged by the AI analyzer before finalizing their content. This allows the creation of blog posts, product descriptions, and other articles that appear indistinguishably human-written when run through external plagiarism checkers and AI detectors.

According to Agility Writer’s internal benchmarks, content created with AI detection technology enabled achieves average originality scores of over 90% when tested with tools like Copyleaks and This gives users confidence in publishing quality, original articles that avoid risks of duplicate content penalties or lowered search visibility.

With its advanced AI detection capabilities, Agility Writer empowers businesses and marketers to efficiently produce high-quality written content at scale without compromising on originality and credibility. For many, this can provide a distinct competitive advantage with their digital content strategy.

Pros and Cons of Using Agility Writer

Based on my extensive hands-on testing, here are the key pros and cons of Agility Writer:


  • Huge time savings from auto-generated drafts
  • Creates optimized, high-quality content
  • Advanced customization options
  • Affordable pricing compared to hiring writers
  • Intuitive interface easy to use


  • Auto-generated content requires editing
  • More basic AI than cutting-edge models like GPT-4
  • Can’t produce graphics, just text
  • Some features like ebooks not available yet

While it has some minor limitations, the pros of Agility Writer far outweigh the cons for most use cases.

Agility Writer Pricing and Plans

Agility Writer offers several affordable pricing plans to meet different needs:

  • Basic – $28/mo
  • Pro – $98/mo
  • Business – $228/mo
  • Agency – $528/mo

Lower-tier plans like Basic offer outstanding value for money for solo content creators. Higher tiers offer more features and credits for larger teams and agencies.

Compared to hiring freelance writers, Agility Writer provides huge savings even at the lowest pricing tier. They also offer a $7 free trial to test it out.

How To Write High-Quality Articles with Agility Writer Ai

Agility Writer makes it easy to create exceptional, engaging articles optimized for readers and search engines. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Use the Outline Builder

Leverage Agility Writer’s outline builder to analyze top-ranking search results and automatically create an optimized article framework.

  • Enter your focus keyword or topic.
  • Let the outline builder pull headings from the top 10 search listings
  • Rearrange and polish the outline
  • Export the final framework to use as a starting point

This ensures your article matches searcher intent and hits key sub-topics needed for high visibility.

Step 2: Enable Factual Data

Switch on the “In-depth factual data” option in the Advanced Mode settings.

This populates your article with up-to-date facts, statistics, and figures to boost credibility and informativeness.

Step 3: Add Relevant Keywords

To naturally optimize your article for SEO, input relevant semantically related keywords in the Advanced Mode keyword field.

Let Agility Writer expertly incorporate these throughout your content.

Step 4: Customize Article Settings

Use Advanced Mode to customize settings like:

  • Article style and tone
  • Audience and perspective
  • Length and headings
  • Media inclusion
  • Formatting

This level of customization results in articles tailored to your brand and audience.

Step 5: Generate Article Draft

With your outline structured and settings dialed in, have Agility Writer automatically generate your full article draft.

Export the draft with correct formatting to refine before publishing.

Step 6: Check Originality

Before publishing, copy-paste your article into to analyze its uniqueness score.

Look for 90%+ originality to ensure its ready for publishing without plagiarism or duplication issues.

Step 7: Edit and Finalize

With a quality first draft created in a fraction of the time, finalize by self-editing to add your own touches and polish the article.

Now schedule and publish your exceptional new piece of content!

Following this straightforward process, Agility Writer enables you to consistently create high-quality, engaging articles optimized for readership and search visibility.

Final Verdict: Is Agility Writer Worth It?

In this detailed Agility Writer review, I tested the tool extensively and explored all its key features. So is it worth using for content creation?

In my opinion, Agility Writer is absolutely worth the investment. The huge time savings from auto-generated drafts alone is invaluable. Combined with advanced customization and optimization features, it’s an AI writing assistant that can transform any content creator’s workflow.

For producing high volumes of optimized, engaging articles, ebooks, and other content, Agility Writer is an outstanding choice that outperforms many competitors. The affordable pricing also makes it accessible for most budgets.

If you’re looking for an AI solution to improve content creation productivity, there’s no doubt Agility Writer is worth trying out. Its innovative technology can help any blogger or business owner work smarter, not harder.

Frequently Asked Questions About Agility Writer

Can I fully customize the content produced by Agility Writer?

Yes, Advanced Mode offers deep customization of tone, length, keywords, headings, formatting, media, and more. You have full control over the final articles.

What level of AI does Agility Writer use?

It utilizes GPT-3 and the more advanced GPT-4 to analyze input and generate written content with maximum quality.

How does Agility Writer compare to other top AI writing tools?

Agility Writer beats many competitors on price, customization options, and integration of optimization features like its outline builder. For both quality and affordability, it is a top choice.

Can Agility Writer help me rank my content higher in search engines?

Yes, with built-in SEO optimization features, it produces content already structured and optimized for better search rankings. This saves huge manual effort.

Is the content produced by Agility Writer original and plagiarism-free?

The built-in originality checker confirms all content has 90%+ uniqueness before publishing. This ensures full originality with minimal plagiarism risk.

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